Laura Donovan is in love with color.

Using elements from her natural surrounding or her travels, the Minnesota oil painter, more and more, lets color relationships determine the composition of her works.

Many times there will be as many as 10 different paintings existing underneath the final work as the colors seem to change their mind and their relationships with one another on the canvas.   The colors are in love with one another, then they fight,  they flirt with other colors, they get cozy,  have kids, on and on so at a certain time Laura has to say “thats enough.”  But…if you don’t get the painting out of her studio she will eventually be drawn back to that painting to keep the conversation going.

A Twin Cities native, Laura graduated from the University of Minnesota and for the past couple of decades has resided in the Marine-Scandia cradle of Scandanavian heritage.  She enjoys showing her work in a local gallery, “Gustafs” in Lindstrom, MN, which promotes the regional Nordic culture.

Laura Donovan Art